4 Furniture Pieces for a Pet-Friendly Home

Posted by Kevin on 7/30/2016 to modGSI Tips
4 Furniture Pieces for a Pet-Friendly Home

Here at modGSI, we’re pet people, we admit it. We love our little darlings more than anything in the world, and we know how important it is to keep them healthy and safe in our living spaces.

That’s why we understand better than most the importance of designing a home in Vancouver with interior furniture that is great for both pets and people. Durable furniture that holds up on stains and can last for years without sacrificing on style and beauty is what we in the furniture industry call the sweet spot.

With everything from coffee tables to couches and side tables to chairs, it is possible to achieve that modern-day look in your Vancouver home or condo without having to worry about torn fabrics, broken glass or spending endless money on cleaning supplies for hard-to-clean furniture pieces.

Read our advice below on tips for four different types of furniture pieces for a pet-friendly home so you can keep Fido smiling and retain a luxurious look to any room in your house for family and guests.


Let’s start off with the big guns. A beautiful-looking and stylish couch is an important centerpiece to any living room. It’s a statement piece essential for definition, comfort and style. But what kinds of couches are best for pets? Are leather, polyester or microfiber couches best for cleaning after pet stains and pet hair? And what is the best durable material for a couch that will allow it to stand the test of time.

The best option for a durable couch that cleans easy is a microfiber sofa. Stains come off easy and it’s hard for pets to tear it up, so microfiber couches are your best option if you have pets.

It can be difficult sometimes though to find a microfiber couch that looks great too. AT modGSI in Richmond, B.C., we’ve got you covered. The Daniel Modern Fabric Sectional in grey offers a unique and inviting contemporary design; and with its dark colour, it makes an already easy-to-clean sofa even simpler to maintain with pet stains and more.


Living-room and dining-room chairs are an important feature in any contemporary home. But pets love to jump up on them, run into them—sometimes even try to chew on them, so it’s important to feature chairs in your Vancouver house that look great without causing you worry about what your pets—or young children, for that matter—will or could do to them.

What are the best chairs for pets? A strong material that is stable while the chair is upright is a solid option. Shop at modGSI for our incredibly popular Designer DSR Modern Side Chair, which comes in a set of four.

The wood-grain polypropylene seats are durable and the chrome legs can withstand easily the pressures of a busy and hectic family. Easy to clean and without sharp corners, it’s perfect for pets and small kids.

Side Tables

Side tables are great accents to any couch, sofa or chair, and the right one can perfectly complement any style décor. Finding a table that is functional for drinks and books, aesthetically pleasing and also safe for all family members—pets too—is an important element to any interior home design.

But what kinds of accent tables and side tables are best for pets and young, energetic dogs? Something with straight, minimal legs that don’t cause any hazards or take up a lot of space are ideal, and avoid glass tops in case young Fido goes on a wrecking spree one day.

The Lena Modern Accent Table from modGSI has a hollow core with a stable, chrome-metal base that is great for pets when they are running around, and its glossy-black top will avoid damage from day-to-day usage, so it’s safe for pets and small children.

Coffee Table

Coffee tables can make or break any living room. They are often the focal point of your lifestyle, so you’ll want one that not only speaks to who you are as a person but one that will last for many years and be a robust and strong member of your family.

Does your pet love to jump up on the coffee table though and cause a ruckus? The Modera Contemporary Coffee Table features a white top that can be easily cleaned and polished and won’t break from strenuous activity like glass will. Plus, its straight legs and edges provide confidence with nothing jutting out to surprise you or your pets.