4 Tips for Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture for Summer

Posted by Michael on 6/27/2016 to modGSI Tips
4 Tips for Buying Outdoor Patio Furniture for Summer

It’s the start of summer and that means patio season is finally upon us.

It is also the time of year to start planning to buy outdoor patio furniture because you’ll have to think about what you want your backyard patio to look like and mean to you. Great patio furniture can turn any yard into an inviting space.

Whether you want your backyard space to be BBQ central in your neighbourhood with durable but stylish dining tables, or you want to transform a rustic garden into a cozy outdoor porch with patio wicker chairs and ottomans, planning your outdoor space with the right patio furniture is essential to having a relaxing summer at your home, on a balcony or even at the cottage during an August vacation getaway.

modGSI has you covered – check out these amazing four tips to maximize your outdoor space with modern patio furniture.

  1. Know What You Want

Great patio furniture offers comfort and utility to the best outdoor yards and patios, so make sure you do your research.

Perhaps you want your outdoor patio to serve as a great lounge area for you and your friends to relax during the blissful summer months. Planning your outdoor area around comfortable pieces, like a synthetic-weaved, modern outdoor table ottoman that pairs with a matching outdoor lounge chair featuring a built-in canopy, both from Caladesi, are a great start to the planning process for any outdoor patio space.

Or you can design your outdoor patio as a dining area to enjoy comfortable meals in the warmth of a summer breeze. Quality and trendy outdoor dining tables are essential centerpieces around which to design any outdoor yard. Durable and stylish tables, like this espresso-coloured outdoor dining table from Avalon, is a great example of a piece that can make a strong statement in defining the theme of your new outdoor space.

  1. Stick to Quality

Outdoor patios ideally need to last you a whole season, a difficult task for any piece of furniture not least because they’re exposed to the elements. So getting what you pay for is an axiom not to be overlooked when it comes to outdoor patio furniture.

And especially if you live in Metro Vancouver, patio furniture will be especially subject to the area’s infamous unpredictable wet-and-dry summers.

Invest in solid, easy-care, weather-resistant furniture. Avoid plastic chairs that will suffer from sun damage over time, and be wary of wooden furniture that can easily be warped by rainstorms. Strong metal pieces, such as the Boracay modern outdoor dining table constructed from epoxy-coated aluminum, can resist any weather.

  1. Go Colourful

Adding some pizazz to your outdoor dining space is important for conveying a warm and inviting atmosphere. Summertime is also all about bright colours, so make sure you throw in some bold colour splashes into your design mix to keep things fresh and exciting.

Big Wave outdoor dining tables are a fantastic example of outdoor patio furniture that can spice up any garden area with fun colours from which to choose including aqua blue, lime green and classic purple.

  1. Find Dual-Purpose Pieces

No two patios are alike, and especially if you find yourself in an urban area, having a couple hundred square feet with which to work can be a luxury for many.

Solution? Have your outdoor furniture work for you. Maximizing both space and effectiveness, dual-purpose outdoor pieces are essential to any frequently used outdoor space.

For example, the Delray outdoor table ottoman can serve as both an outdoor side table for drinks and snacks and as a comfortable foot rest. Or perhaps you want to go all out with the perfect outdoor-furniture item for both lounging and napping; introducing the canopied Martinique modern outdoor beach daybed so you can feel like royalty in your outdoor patio.