4 Ways to Style Your Living Room Shelving Units

Posted by Paul on 7/23/2016 to modGSI Tips
4 Ways to Style Your Living Room Shelving Units
Elegantly styled shelves can go a long way in completing a room and organizing your indoor living space. They provide the perfect balance of ideal storage space and eye-grabbing visual décor to make a living room in any apartment, condo or house truly feel like a lived-in space.

Not everyone can be a professional interior decorator, however; and when it comes to buying shelving units for your living room, it’s important to take into consideration a vast number of different decorating options that suit your needs.

Plus, you’ll need to balance considerations as wide-ranging as functionality, personal tastes and aesthetic looks that complement overall living spaces when you are buying and decorating shelving units. Here at modGSI furniture, we are here to give you shelve-decorating tips to make these decisions as easy as possible for you so that you can have the living room of your dreams.

1.      Go for Open Shelves

For contemporary panache, an open-shelving unit provides a striking look to add flair to your living room. This open-concept display étagère from Kimmie offers an airy and calming touch with its white finish, and its open-shelf displays give visual depth and a striking modern tone to living rooms.

An étagère (French for “shelf”) means any open-design shelving unit ideal for showcasing bric-à-brac ornaments and other design items, named after the style first popularized in 18-century France.

2.       Go Exquisite

Fancy-designed bookcases provide unique opportunities for clever and stately design opportunities for your books or other living-room items to both make your house feel like a home and to impress your dinner guests.

This unique, cappuccino-coloured (also available in white) ladder bookcase with drawers from Kimmie adds a regal touch to your library without skimping on practicality. Its angular setup is ideal for asymmetrical displays to balance the eye, and provides lots of opportunities for decorative storage from books to bowls; or take advantage of its wood-grain finish for a classic bar and store your liquor bottles and bar glasses.

3.       Layer, Layer, Layer

Trendy interior designers often recommend layering items on your shelves as a go-to trick to spice up living rooms. Mixing-up textures, styles and storage items optimizes your living-room look. Shelves with oblong storage areas and an assortment different-shaped shelves add some zest to your living room and provide the opportunity for storing a menagerie of items for variety and flavour.


A bookcase with a modern, reclaimed look, like this bookcase from Agnes, works as a lovely room divider or a centerpiece thanks to its all-around finishing and unique design. Perfect for displaying a fun mix of books, decorative pieces, baskets, vases and more.

4.       Mixup Your Display

Combine a visual stunning display with smart storage options for a presentation that’s both eye pleasing and strategic. A set of doors of doors on your storage shelves provide a great cleaning strategy to charmingly disguise everyday home items when drop-in visitors to your house arrive.

The Modera contemporary shelving unit contrasts beautifully with its matte natural-walnut borders and white-lacquer doors, the latter of which alternate gorgeously on its tall-display narrow and wide units for that ideal display mixup!

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