5 Gift Ideas For Dad

Posted by Kathrinn on 4/15/2017 to modGSI Tips
5 Gift Ideas For Dad
Father's Day or Dad's Birthday is just around the corner and still don't know what to buy for dad? Dads usually are the ones who buy gifts for their children, now, it's about time for them to receive gifts for their special day as well! It doesn't have to be fancy like the cars they bought you or newest gadget he has given you. Whatever we can afford, it's the effort and love that counts anyway! Parents are very simple, they don't tell you what they want or like, but they are practical with life. They want something that they can use or anything that will help them with their everyday lives. 

What are spaces in your home that dad spend most of his time with or his favorite spot whenever he's home? Whether it's the bedroom where he can relax after hours of working, or living room where he enjoys watching his favorite show. Think of the spaces, or check out 5 gift ideas we provide for you below...

Reclining Sofa or Chair


Dad loves to sit and relax every time he gets home after long hours of working. Just simply seating and watching TV or enojying his time with his family and friends. Recliner sofa would be perfect for dad! Click here for reclining sofa options..

Media Storage


If most kids nowadays are updated with the newest phone, shoes, xbox, earphones, etc.. Some dads are the same, they also want to be updated with newest TV, speaker, cd player, or music player. I recommend media storage for your dad's collection where it'll help him keep his things oranize and clean. Click here for media storage options..

 Office Table


Does your dad works most of his time in the office? Whether he have piles of paperwork to do and to finish, I recommend getting him an office table with tons of workspace and storage space where you can help him get things done easily and faster. Click here for office table options..

Office Chair


Your dad might have the newest and nicest office table, but if his back is in pain because of not having the right office chair. I recommend getting him an office chair that works perfectly and will provide him a comfortable seating while working hours in his office. Click here for office chair options..

Patio Furniture

Most dad loves to entertain and enjoy his time in the backyard where he can grill BBQ. Backyard would not be complete if you don't have enough seat to provide to your family. It is a space where you can enjoy the weather whilst spending time with your family and friends. Click here for patio furniture options..

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