5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Get You Started

Posted by modGSI Team on 2/21/2017 to modGSI Tips
5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Get You Started
Beginning your spring cleaning is always a hard task to tackle. Knowing that, the modGSI team decided to compile a list of tips to help you start your spring cleaning this year!  Open your windows and introduce some fresh air in while you take note.

1. Compile a list of what you need to do
Spring cleaning seems daunting if you have no idea what’s going on.  It’s important to know what you have to do before you get started! Provide yourself with direction by planning out what you need to clean.  For example, list out all the rooms in your home! Don’t forget cleaning the windows, hardwood floors, stainless steel, blinds and all the common areas used every day! 

2. Find the Right Gears
The cleaning tools you use is very important and could actually help reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning something.  Make sure you have cleaning solutions for the stainless steel, your leather sofa, the windows, and etc.  We recommend using a squeegee to clean your windows instead of a sponge or newspaper! Using a swifter duster for light dusting will also help reduce the time.  Don’t forget to invest in a good pair of vinyl or rubber gloves to protect your skin!

3. Be Efficient with Your Time
Make sure you’re cleaning one room at a time to not overwhelm yourself or leave anything unfinished.  However, maximize your time by doing two things at once!  While your clothes are in the washer, go vacuum the rest of the room.  Also, try to avoid making multiple trips to save energy.  Gather everything together you know you will need to take to the other room before actually going. 

4. Know Your How’s
Do your research.  There are many posts online that teaches you how to clean a specific thing.  Learn how to properly care for your leather sofas, rugs, and hardwood floors.  Knowing the proper methods will not only keep things clean, but also extend the lifespan as well!  It makes gathering the proper cleaning tools and the cleaning itself easier!  Click here for a useful guide on stain removals by Martha Stewart Living.

5. Be Organized
Don’t leave the task of cleaning to next year’s spring cleaning.  Think about long term solutions that will reduce work for your spring cleaning next year.  Pick up some organizing boxes or cabinets to help with storage problems and to declutter your rooms.  While you’re at it, this is a great opportunity to give your home a makeover for a new fresh start! 

Hopefully this will help you get into the mood to get started. Happy spring cleaning!