Christmas Decoration Ideas

Posted by Kathrinn on 10/1/2017 to modGSI Tips
Christmas Decoration Ideas
Need help with your Christmas decorations? We are excited to help you turn your Christmas to be one of memorable moments for you! You can decorate your space in a stylish way to match and fit in your preferred style, whether it's modern, contemporary, rustic, Scandinavian, etc. There are different styles you can do to your home according to the style of your home. 

Decorating with a theme can make your Christmas more memorable and meaningful! The style and decor below are only some few decoration with lots of gold, silver, nautical and wood inspiration. These Christmas theme shown can be easily done because of its simple decor inspired by reflecting the style of your home and what colors you have at home.

Modern  Monochromatic Christmas Decor 

Modern Monochromatic Christmas decor in cool grey assures the Christmas tree gets all the attention. Imagine a home decorated with elegant details elevating the capability of Christmas home decor. Puget sofa and chair upholstered in grey offers a cool feeling and adds additional character with its textured upholstery. To complete the monochromatic Christmas decor, add Masterton lighting like what you see in fairy tales.

Furry textures add depth and warmth, balancing the cold and frosty color palette so the green Christmas tree looks authentic and timeless. You can also add some white and silver and candlelight complete the classy scene, making every moment count even more than before!

White and Gold Elegant Christmas Decor 

Christmas with a fireplace, an idea falls from perfect Christmas movies, where magic starts.  An elegant living room seen in a snowy-white home like Whistler can inspire you to re-create the aesthetic of magic you remember from Christmas stories heard as a child. To balance this elegant gold and white theme Christmas decor, add Nob Hill Living Room Collection in beige. 
A white room can be decorated with white and gold accents and enhanced with some vintage pieces like rustic or wood furniture, like Padre modern coffee table that ties the decor to the past. Using delicate chiffon fabric to decorate the Christmas tree, stars and candle light, try to re-create the feeling of a magical Christmas inspired with Canadian winter.

Nautical/Coastal Christmas Decor

Take it from the stylish design and decor from above – a living room adorned with Christmas revealing nautical inspiration with Coney Arm Chair and Celedonite Lighting Fixture. Last-minute decorating should be easy if you stick to the colors what you have in your home and know how to arrange your room around your Christmas tree. Adding some starfish or shell tree decorations and hanging nautical-inspired stockings on the fireplace mantel is just what you need to create a feeling of a coastal Christmas.

Do you find this article helpful? Do you have any other Christmas decor ideas? We'd love to hear from you!

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