Furniture-Buying Tips for First-Time Condo Buyers

Posted by Michael on 6/20/2016 to modGSI Tips
Furniture-Buying Tips for First-Time Condo Buyers

Moving into your first new condo or apartment for the first time in Metro Vancouver is an exciting and daunting experience. And shopping for condo furniture and apartment furniture in Vancouver can be an equally fun and stressful time.

On the one hand, shopping for things like bedroom furniture, a dining room and sectional sofas all give you a fantastic opportunity to shape the look and feel of your new home; but first-time buyers often face the challenge of having to fill a whole living space that suits both their desires and their budget.

Condominium hunting in Vancouver is hard enough, so modGSI furniture wants to help lighten your load when it comes to furniture shopping.

We have assembled a below list of tips for first-time condo-furniture buyers.

1. Strick to a consistent design aesthetic

Each space tells a story, just as each neighbourhood in a city is its own character. Focus on matching furniture pieces with each other so that your new condo has a comfortable flow between rooms and a visually pleasing style that doesn’t feel muddled.

The first step is to choose the style that works best for your condo and your personality. Find that perfect match based on the look and feel of things.

modGSI specializes in catering to lots of different modern styles that all speak to a unique look. Different dining tables, for example, can vary from classic modern, such as the Bambi faux-marble rectangular dining table to the sleeker Hawthorne round glass-top dining table. Each piece exemplifies different condo styles around which you can build your new look!

2. Focus on space

Small spaces and compact square footages are not uncommon in the Vancouver area, so strategizing your condo-furniture buying around the unique dimensions of your condo space can go a long way to living comfortably and happily.

A helpful tip is to make sure you know your measurements. Cutout large pieces of paper and lay them down in different rooms of your condo to give yourself idea of how space fills up.

Also don’t forget about storage! Looking into multifunctional furniture pieces that allow for storage options can make a huge difference in your condo for both you and your guests. The cappuccino finished Hollow-Core storage bench fills out any hallway with both comfortable seating and spacious storage household items.

3. Plan a resourceful budget

Buying all new furniture sets for a whole living space can be intimating especially for first-time condo buyers. Expenses for a whole range of new household responsibilities seem to add up quickly.

One common best practice is to write down a list of needs and start off with the essentials. Focus on staple pieces, like beds and sofas, and then use the opportunity to build and design the rest of your rooms off of your main pieces.

Sectional sofas that wrap around corners are a great place to start, and lavish corner sofas on sale, such as the Suraga leather sectional sofa, can help you be resourceful, spacious and creative all in one swoop.

For more ideas on inspiration, check out our Pinterest board here.

And always feel welcome to send us a message, visit our website or drop by modGSI in person at 12680 Bridgeport Road in Richmond, just southwest of the Knight Street bridge, and we’ll be delighted to help you turn your new condo or new apartment into a furniture lover’s dream!