How To Clean Sofa

Posted by Kathrinn on 6/6/2017 to Buying Guide - Living Room
How To Clean Sofa
Treat your sofa like one of your bestfriend! It has always been there whenever you need it. It is hard to find a perfect sofa with a perfect fabric. Because there's no such thing! The quality of your sofa will depends on how you take care of it. There are different material that is long lasting and ones that doesn't last long enough. Whether you have that long lasting sofa or the poor quality one, in the end, they will worn out at some point. The key thing is, take care of your sofa. Here are very simple and easy tips how to clean sofa..

How to Clean By Yourself?

1. Determine what type of sofa you have FIRST. Knowing exactly what type of fabric is important so you know what to use and not to use in cleaning your sofa. Check your sofa's label to know the cleaning code of the sofa you have.. It should show at least W, SW, X or S. Labels are typically placed below, back or inside cushions

"W"   - means furniture should be able to clean with water.
"S"    - means that furniture cleaning solvent can be used to
           your furniture piece.
"SW" - means that BOTH water and solvent can be used to 
           your furniture.
"X"    - means do not use/apply water nor solvent to the 
          furniture piece, and instead, use a soft brush. If deep 
          staining happens, ask a professional for dry clean.

2. Vacuum. Use a hand vacuum or the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean dirt from the sofa. Make sure you clean off well if there are any food crumbs, pet hair or debris. It would also be best to vacuum clean both sides of your cushions if it is detachable from your sofa. 

3. Clean off the legs or frame material. Whether it's wood or metal, wipe it off with solution of warm water and liquid dish soap. Make sure not to soak it with too much water especially if your sofa legs are wood because it can break the sofa. Only use damp towel.

4. Remove stain. There are two things you can use for stain removal. Either you use the natural way or the ones you can buy in the stores. You can buy sofa stain remover cleaners in any store and they will provide you the instruction. Otherwise, you can make your own natural cleaner with natural ingredients.


  • For fabric upholstery, mix 1/4 cup vinegar, 3/4 warm water and 1 tablespoon for dish soap. Put in a spray bottle and spray on the stained area. Scrub with a soft cloth until the stain lifts. Use a second cloth that's damped with clean water to remove the soap. Dry with a towel.
  • For leather upholstery, mix 1/2 cup olive oil with 1/4 cup vinegar and put into a spray bottle. Spray the cleaner on the stained surface of the couch and clean with a soft cloth.
  • For synthetic upholstery, mix 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of warm water,and 1/2 tablespoon of liquid dish soap or in a spray bottle. Spray the stained area and buff with a soft cloth till the stain is gone. Make sure not to rub it too hard, it might ruin the upholstery and stain might spread.
These steps are only suggestions that you can do to clean your sofa especially if it's not really bad and you're in a hurry and don't have enough time. You can also follow these steps like a weekly or monthly basis to keep your sofa looks brand new everyday. If you're not sure about these steps or if your sofas are really expensive and scared to touch it? Ask the professional or the place where you got your sofa from for more detailed steps on what to do.

Make sure to clean your sofa daily or weekly because it will help you prolong the life span of your piece. Also, don't use too much solutions or cleaners on the fabric it might wear out the upholstery or the color might fade out. These few tips can't actually help you survive your sofas but you can use this as a first aid tips for your sofa. The quality of your furniture piece will always still depend on how you treat it.

Do you have ideas how to clean sofa? We'd love to hear from you!