How to Decorate Your Sofa?

Posted by Kathrinn on 5/9/2017 to modGSI Tips
How to Decorate Your Sofa?
Do you find your sofa a little tedious in your living space? Whether you have an old one that have sentimental value or you bought it cheap price yet still works for you, no need to rush out for a brand-new couch even though it seems boring to your living space - just refresh what you have! There are many things you can do with your sofa, either you have a solid color or patterned. 

Sofas can be tiring and boring because it is where most people spend time with. Other than our comfy bed, it is one of the furniture we use and see the most everyday. That's why it can be a little tedious for some people. It might not give you the same excitement like when you first bought your sofa or like the same excitement you feel when you see your bed, but we can help you bring that excitement back!

3 Tips How To Decorate Your Sofa

1| Layer Up & Add Texture and Pattern

Layer up your sofa with any sofa accessories like fluffy blanket and pillows. If you have a solid color sofa, like Lillian Grey Sofa, try to add accents that has pattern and different texture. You will see no difference if you're adding a grey solid color pillows and blanket with no character in it. You can add grey blanket but make sure it must at least have texture like shown above. If you want to play safe, you can add a grey pillow with a simple floral pattern like shown above. 

If you don't want your sofa to have too much colors, you can add a floor lamp, like Derecho floor lamp where it adds vibrancy and character to your living space. Also, if you want a natural piece, like Sister Coffee Table, where it provides you a natural wood beauty with dark metal legs or a highlight piece Smash Accent Stool featuring in distressed hammered steel in copper finish. Basis Rug in silver pink will complete the simple yet stylish living space you have with its hand loom construction. 

2| Add with Something Different

Add with something different like gold and silver accents, like shown above with Aristocrat Silver sofa. Accented with royal blue and gold throw pillows with very minimal pattern and texture. If you have a tufted sofa with a unique color, no need to overpower it with a strong color, yet use colors that compliment your sofa color and don't use too much pattern and texture if your sofa has texture and pattern already. You want to keep the balance for all colors and texture.

To complete your unique silver and gold living space, add Gem Coffee Table and Forecast Ceiling Lamp. With these extra pieces, it will balance the color of your living space and will complete the elegance of your space.

3| Balance Asymmetry

Asymmetrical balance is typically applied when it comes to arranging cushions in your sofa. If you have grey tufted sofa like Nob Hill Grey Tufted Sofa, it is ideal to have cushions or blanket that have the same hue to your sofa. Like shown above, black fluffy pillows in two different sizes on the right balance out the white fluffy blanket and grey textured pillow on the left. You don't want all grey or too much solid color on both sides, you want to make sure it's still balance with size, color, pattern and texture.

To complete and to balance monotone sofa and cushions in this living space, add Elite Coffee Table in Rose Gold and black in a circular shape. Balance the overall design of your  living space with Amethyst Pendant Lighting with a unique form and shape industrial steel style. 

Do you find this article helpful? Do you have an awesome idea how to decorate sofa? We'd love to hear from you!

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