How to Maintain and Care for Wood Furniture

Posted by Kevin Elliott on 10/24/2016 to modGSI Tips
How to Maintain and Care for Wood Furniture
Taking care of wood furniture is a hugely important task to secure the beauty and durability of your tables, chairs and cabinets.

Not only will good preservation habits to maintain dry-wood furniture go a long way in the appearance and functionality of your furniture, but they will also help with resale value years down the line when you’re moving homes or apartments. Imagine the frustration when downgrading your living situation as you approach retirement and you find that nobody wants to buy a used wooden dining table that clearly shows its age and wear & tear.

Whether you have kids and pets running around the house and are concerned about the upkeep of your finely finished wood furniture or have wood furniture outdoors and want to protect it from the weather, humidity, rain and precipitation, there are certain tips for maintaining your wood furniture you can use around the home to keep your furniture looking amazing.

Read Maintenance Instructions

Many of the wooden-furniture items we sell here at modGSI come with easy-to-read maintenance instructions that contain information about treating the particular kind of wood your chair or table is made out of.

Clean Your Wooden Furniture

Basic and weekly cleaning of your wooden furniture doesn’t need to be time-consuming nor strenuous! Just use a cloth damped with warm water and dish soap or a gentle wood oil, but avoid typical household cleaners as these can make your wood surface oily and cause the furniture to strip over time.

Try to use soft-cotton cloths to help protect the wood, and make sure to give it a dry afterwards with a clean cloth. To give it that extra shine at the end, lightly apply a mild moisturizing polish when you’re done.

Love Waxing Your Wood Furniture

To maximize long-term protection of your wooden tables, chairs, storage chests and headboards, wax will become your best friend. Once every few months, simply apply a thin coating of high-quality soft-paste wood wax. After waiting a few minutes, burnish with a clean cloth. The wood wax will help to keep your wood looking natural and healthy, while also protecting the wood furniture from abrasion, strengthening the material and increasing its lifespan.

How to Treat and Take Care of Outdoor Wood Furniture

Generally speaking, you’ll want to keep wood furniture indoors and away from direct sunlight, since excessive sunlight exposure can discolour the furniture and dry the wood out; rain and snow will also warp the wood over the long term.

However, some outdoor wooden furniture helps to really “spruce” up a deck, balcony, or yard, so simple maintenance tips for outdoor wood furniture can go a long way for you. For finished products, use soapy water. But for unfinished wooden furniture buy wood varnish meant for exterior, outdoor use and it will help protect your wood from the weather conditions. Annual or biannual sanding can treat severe water spots if necessary.

Wood Furniture from modGSI

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