How to Sell your Old Furniture

Posted by Kathrinn Galindez on 4/17/2017 to modGSI Tips
How to Sell your Old Furniture
Thinking about selling your old furniture that is still in good condition? Whether you are moving to a new place and your old furniture pieces doesn't match your new interior style or need to refresh your space. There are many reasons like downsizing your furniture to a very flexible piece. The list can go and on, but if your furniture is still in good and awesome condition, why not sell it right? That's why we want to help you on how to sell your used furniture..

Think of a Value
You probably have an estimate cost how much you bought your furniture because it is important that you assess how much your items are actually worth. Few tips on how to price your second hand furniture:
  • Research or confirm if the price how much you bought your furniture is still relevant today
  • Check online selling sites if there is an item similar to yours and match the price
  • If you have a vintage/antique piece, you would have to ask an expert to help you rate the value of your item because you might never know that you have a limited edition furniture piece
  • If you bought an expensive furniture made by a famous designer or custom made for you then obviously you will be able to charge more but it will take a little bit longer to sell it
  • Check if your furniture is made by a well-known company or manufacturer
  • Be reasonable about the wear and tear on your furniture piece and come up with a comparative cost
  • Also, you will have to keep in mind what price they will sell for in your local area 
  • Finally, be certain that your pricing is on a par with what else is available in the market because people might not get too see your furniture if your price is too high.
Make sure that your price is reasonable enough for people that are interested in buying second hand furniture. Obviously, they would want something that is still in good condition yet can be purchased in a reasonable price. People will not be willing to buy used furniture if the prices would cost the same as the ones on retail.

2 Ways To Sell Your Used Furniture


Mostly everyone use online sites now for inspiration pictures like an outfit inspiration, home design style inspiration or to search what is on trend everyday. The list can go on and on! Because there are so many things we can do with online sites now. So you will expect more people are using online sites because for some it is a convenient way for their busy schedule too. 

Selling used furniture online is a really fast and convenient way for most people because it will only take few steps and procedures to do before selling your furniture online. Some of the popular online sites you can use are:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Craigslist
  • Classifieds
  • Kijij, Ebay, Amazon
  • Smartphone apps
  • Etc....
These are only some of the popular online sites I recommend, but you can always check which site is popular in your area when it comes to selling items. Some people only buy items in an online site where their friends or family have only recommended. Reason why it is important for you to know which online site is known to your area so it will be easier and faster for you to sell your furniture.

Offline- Locally

If you're not familiar using online sites, there are also options for you below on how to sell your used furniture locally. This will help you not to spend so much money on shipping fee, but it will take so much time. 
  • Thrift/Consignment Shops
  • Garage Sale
  • Community Sale
Selling your item locally might take up a little slower to sell because of having limited connection and not everyone from your local area is looking for furniture. This would take a lot of patience and if you're not in a rush selling your items. But if you're moving and needed to sell your used furniture right away, I recommend using online sites.  

Do you find this article helpful? Do you have an awesome idea how to sell used furniture? We'd love to hear from you!