Interior: Scandinavian Style

Posted by modGSI Team on 3/8/2017 to modGSI Tips
Interior: Scandinavian Style
The Scandinavian interior design style is all about incorporating natural lighting into your home.  It works with natural colors, simple and economical furniture pieces, and space.  In order to adapt to the long winters of the Scandinavian countries, allowing as much light into the home is important.  There are different things you can do to achieve the Nordic interior style while making it your own.  If you’re like me, who’s guilty of looking at countless Nordic style homes, you will notice similar elements.  

A lot of this Nordic homes have white walls and wood floorings, instead of carpets, to reflect light and brighten up the home.  The wood flooring not only has a layer of sheen to help light bounce off, it also gives the home a warmer tone.  Playing with whites and having wood accents are really common elements of this Scandinavian style because it helps integrate nature into the home.  It is proven that have more light in the home makes people happier! Not only do these elements contribute to creating a “homey” feel, it also creates a spacious illusion. I really love the Nordic style because it helps you declutter your home and it ensures that every piece of furniture and décor has a crucial function.  

Some ways to approach the Nordic style and tips to make it more personalized:
1. Don’t be afraid to play with texture! Having all white furniture and décor creates an opportunity to experiment with the different textures.  This adds more dimension to home.
2. Adding plants, such as succulents, are a great way to bring in nature to the home.  The greens liven up the house and brings in a pop of color.
3. Try to keep the same color family; sticking with pastel colors would be a great option.  By muting the colors, it gives you room to play with bold accent pieces.   
4. Accent pieces.  The accent piece you choose will really set the tone for your home.  This also means that your furniture doesn’t all have to match! Change it up by having a different color dining chair for a bolder choice! 
5. Color is very important! Popular bold colors the Scandinavian style use would be blue.  Black is also a great option if you are working with the monochrome scheme – it will add a contrast to the entire room. 

What if you are on a budget? That should not stop you from trying out the Nordic style! Online, there are lots of inspirational blog pieces that shows you DIYs you can do for your home.  You’d be surprised by how much things like sanding, DIY decors and a new paint of coat can do.  Gray has become a popular color choice for the walls, muting down the room and creating a calming atmosphere.  On the hand, sanding your furniture and décor pieces will result in a distressed look that would allow you to merge a bit of the industrial style with the Nordic style. 

I have few awesome pieces to recommend that would be versatile for your home and help you achieve the Scandinavian style interior.
 Some pieces I recommend are:

Linea Modern Desk with Storage in Walnut

-great wood accent piece, adds a natural tone to the whites

Draper Faux Leather Occasional Chair

-an accent chair that will go well in the living room.  Very relaxed and a sheepskin draped over it will look amazing.  Or a colored blanket

-the super popular chair that is a staple in all Scandinavian or minimalist interior design.  A versatile piece that has wood accent legs.  The alternate colors, like blue, is a very chair to use as a pop of color accessories 

-a simple white table, but wait for it…you have the option to extend it. A perfect piece that is adaptable to the situations. To the point, space-efficient, and minimal. 

Spiral Round Dining Table

-unique dining table that aligns with the Scandinavian style, it’s an accent piece itself because of the unique design.  It’s special and minimal. 

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