Interior Styles: Modern VS Contemporary

Posted by Kathrinn Galindez on 3/6/2017 to modGSI Tips
Interior Styles: Modern VS Contemporary
Are you planning to give your space a makeover? Whether you are starting on an entire main floor renovation, or just refurnishing your space…  Or are you still deciding whether you wanted a modern contemporary style? Wait, what?! Isn’t it modern and contemporary the same thing? Modern and Contemporary are completely two different things. Other than its difference in spelling, these two words have contrasting and quite distinct meaning.


Contemporary is a design or style that is being made right now (present). It is always evolving, so that it could adapt to the similar modifications in your tastes, personality and lifestyles. In 2070, contemporary will be what's made then and so on. With contemporary is like being such an ‘open-minded’ style, you can enjoy constant revolution of anything with shape and colour. Contemporary style are the opposite of classic — they are bold and popular and emphasize prevalent design.

Basic Characteristics of Contemporary
Bright and contrasting colors, unique furniture shapes, dramatic architectural details and trendy materials or styles, like chevron patterns, chalkboard paint and plastic. In furniture, light colors and natural materials (wood, glass, nickel, chrome, and steel). In fabric, cotton, wool, linen and silk, which can be neutral or well-patterned.

Anker Contemporary Tall Open Bookcase
  • Reclaimed look fixed shelves in natural finish 
  • Chrome/steel frame

  • Vintage French Print in off white fabric 
  • Armless and legless unique form/design

  • Ella Solid Oak Dining Set
  • Natural wood solid oak finish for table, chairs, credenza
  • Black tempered glass top and credenza sliding door


    Modern is mostly connected with minimalist schemes. It is a style that is opposite of traditional, whereas mainly connected with the age when all the machine started specifically time frame between of 1920 to 1950. Modern style have basic materials and an ordered structure are used to create a clean, simple environment. This style embraces minimalist like Bauhaus design. 

    Basic Characteristics of Modern 
    A lack of trendy finishes; use of glass, steel and stone; straight lines; and minimal texture. In furniture, monochromatic colour schemes, neutral color palette, polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry. Used of integrated modular elements with multiple uses, and features curvilinear shapes. For example, pedestal tables, modular sofas, sleek sideboards, shiny stools, or abstract lighting.

    Kayla Modern Bookshelf/Divider
  • Monochromatic - white and grey finish storage unit
  • Sleek line and edges with strong geometric shape

  • Aris Modern Dining Chair
  • Monochromatic - white upholstered fabric and chrome frame
  • Sleek line and edges with pedestal table base

  • Both modern and contemporary emphasize simplicity of form and function with a variety of semi industrial and natural materials. Why a lot of people get confused with modern and contemporary because you can combine both styles in one space. You can find spaces that have natural elements with monochromatic colour schemes. Modern-Contemporary Interior style is one of the trendy design that most people used. Any interior styles, whether shabby chic to industrial or modern to mid-century, you can combine it with both modern and contemporary interior style. It is good to know now what are the difference of modern and contemporary, it'll be easier for you to distinguish which is which. Example of modern-contemporary style, modern sectional sofa in black upholstery with tufting, and contemporary coffee and side table in chrome legs in tempered glass top. Keep in mind, even picture below shows monochromatic scheme, any furniture nowadays are designed with both modern and contemporary. 

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