Nautical Interior Style

Posted by Kathrinn Galindez on 4/10/2017 to modGSI Tips
Nautical Interior Style
Do you love spending time by the sea where you can relax with the fresh breezy air or traverse through the movement of the waves? Coast is one of the comfort place for some people where they can read their favorite book while lying or seating down on the sand or playing their favorite beach sport together with their family and friends. The list of things you can do at the coast can go on and on... However, it is the experience and memories that counts anyway, not the things you have done at the coast.

On the other hand, are you dreaming about living by the sea or travelling through the ocean? Or simply planning to design your home a nautical interior style? Think about taking fresh and breezy nautical-themed accents to your home style through striped print, decorative helm, rope and a combination of red, blue and white hues like the sailor men. This doesn't mean you would have design or renovate your entire home just to achieve your nautical style goal. By just simply adding accessories, furniture or accents would be an easy step to do first. We provide you below few guidelines and samples where to start so that it will be easier for you and not to overwhelm you as well. Let's start it with the different spaces in your home...

Living Space

If you are planning to buy new furniture for your living space, it doesn't have to be all the same blue color or white color. You can mix match the colors with blue, white and walnut where it will reflect the nature touches from the coast. Cambridge sectional sofa shown above accessorized with nautical pillows, blankets, wall decor and Dunedin lighting with rope style chord and click here for more awesome lighting options...

Click here for more sectional sofa options..
If you want to keep the furniture you have, you can add accents like striped blanket, wood anchor lighting or wall decor and shells. Adding Macho wood coffee table in walnut color can also help balance your nautical theme living space from all the blue and white colors. There are many things from the coast that you can use to decorate your home, see more examples of nautical decor above that you can add for your living space...

Click here for more coffee table options..

Dining Space

By adding Jaques wood extension dining table would be perfect for nautical theme style dining space, it will help balance out the blue and white theme and at the same time will bring elegance to your space. It offers not just its elegant style, but as well as function where you can extend approximately 23 inches perfect for parties or dinner with family and friends. Match your elegant dining table with Whisp dinig chair in beige with its simple and sleek style. And to complete your elegant dining space, add Inertia lighting featuring its "bubble-like" style that you see from the ocean and accessorized with few nautical decor like boat paddle, wall decor anchor or nautical ship wheel like shown above. 

What types of furniture do you prefer for your nautical space? Do you have a cool nautical furniture piece that you'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you!

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