Stylish Clothes Racks for When You Have Low Closet Space

Posted by Kevin on 9/22/2016 to Buying Guide - Living Room
Stylish Clothes Racks for When You Have Low Closet Space
Vancouver and its metro region are cities beginning to show their age. Many of them were incorporated in the 19th century and feature an abundance of residential neighbourhoods that date back to that period.

A lot of the character neighbourhoods in parts of cities like Vancouver and Richmond feature older homes and apartment buildings that are infamously known for lacking closet and storage space. As a result, residents often feel the pressure to accommodate all of their wardrobe into convenient and functional spots.

Even modern condo buildings often lack adequate closet space because newer buildings are often built with population-density concerns in mind!

Homeowners, condo-owners and apartment dwellers shopping to buy furniture racks or clothes organizers in Metro Vancouver can equally encounter a hard time finding the perfect item to alleviate their problems.

Should I get a clothes rack or a freestanding clothes wardrobe? What style best suits my space and my personality? Where can I find a selection of modern designs that will also provide the storage options that I need?

modGSI in Richmond has a wide variety of clothes racks and wardrobes for anyone who lives in a tiny space or with little to no closet space, whether it be in the bedroom or the front hallway, so you can store your clothes, coats and even those umbrellas easily and stylishly. 

This fashionable rack is perfect for clothing accessories for the busy professional in Metro Vancouver. With a built-in form-fitting hanger, accessory tray and trouser bar, coupled with its cappuccino-coloured structure and chrome-metal bars for an aesthetically trendy look, it’s the ideal addition to your modern bedroom to organize suits, ties, belts and more.

Jazz up your living room with the Contemporary Black Metal Coat Rack from Chloe that makes traditional closets look outdated by comparison. Its geometrically shaped hanging bars add intricacy to corners or hallways and also supplies organization for functionality. With a snazzy coat rack, you can easily host parties as well without worrying about your apartment looking like a menagerie of out-of-place items.

If you lack closet space and your style is more earthy than metropolitan, than the Contemporary White Metal Coat Rack from Holly serves as an excellent addition to any hallway or entryway. Its branch-inspired design augments tone in any room and still works as a functional and modern coat rack to keep your jackets organized for when that rainy or cold weather comes!

Many old-styled standalone wardrobes are bulky and inconvenient, but the modern Wardrobe Organizer from Monterey is slender and complements any bedroom or furniture collection with its contemporary yet unassuming design. Plus with extra shelves at the top and a convenient added drawer at the bottom, this wardrobe is perfect for storing supplies hats or shoes in addition to jackets and jumpers. And its laminated composite-wood construction adds a stable presence to dignify your home or apartment while providing that sought-after closet space you’ve been looking for!

Shop online and find all of your modern home-accessory needs in Vancouver or Richmond at modGSI today! 

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