What To Do When Floor is Not Even?

Posted by Kathrinn on 6/20/2017 to modGSI Tips
What To Do When Floor is Not Even?
Are you having problem with your uneven floor? It's normal to find homes that doesn't have 100% leveled flooring. There's always one part of your home that has uneven flooring whether it's in your bathroom, bedroom or dining area. If the gap is not really bad, it means it's normal to have flooring like that. However if the gap of the flooring is really big, you would need professional to fix it because it might be the foundation that really needs to be fixed instead. For small gap, like less than 10 centimeters can be fixed just by doing it yourself. This fast and easy way steps we provide you below is only for small gaps uneven flooring or something that is just bothering you because it affects the furniture you have, for example uneven flooring right under your dining table where you use most of the time and it affects your everyday meal. 

What you need?
  1. Pencil
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. 3/4" Plywood for Subfloor
  4. Screws
  5. Screw Gun
  6. Leveling Strip (long triangle typically 2" x 10" depending how big your flooring)
  7. Nailer
  8. Type of Flooring (Carpet, wood or tile)

Steps to Follow:

  1. Measure. Make sure you measure the flooring you want to level and fix so that you'll know the measurement of plywood you'll buy for your subflooring and as well as the right amount or measurement for your main flooring, whether it's tiles, carpet or wood planks. Second, measure which part of the flooring needs to be even out, so that you'll know how will you cut your leveling strip. Make sure they're all cut the same size to have a leveled flooring.
  2. Install leveling strip. Place the leveling strip on the floor and make sure the top of the strip is leveled. Position the strip every 16" O.C, and this will be the spacer between the old and new leveled sub flooring. 
  3. Place plywood/sub floor. Make sure everything is leveled by using the leveling equipment before nailing the plywood to your strip. Nail the sub floor plywood using the framing nailer.
  4. Install your main flooring. And lastly, install what type of flooring you wanted to your space. Try to walk around and jump around your flooring before making the final installation to your new floor. Check if there are uneven or squeaking sound.

This fast and easy way is only a tip and a way that anyone can do if your uneven floor is really bothering you. However, if you're not too sure, ASK a professional right away to have it checked and fixed! You don't want to regret doing something that you are not too sure of. Your uneven floor can have a problem related to your foundation or the structure of your home.

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