About modGSI

"millions of designs - get some inspiration"

We're passionate about bringing quality contemporary & modern furniture to your home

      modGSI Storefront
We are an online retailer founded in Vancouver British Columbia in 2004. Our focus is on providing thousands of stunning contemporary and modern furniture choices accessible throughout Canada and beyond. During the early years of modgsi.com, we recognized a growing demand for our customers to have a place where they can see, touch, and try out our product lines. In 2009, in response to this demand, we made our first move from 'click' to 'brick' and created mod.GSI (note the dot), a physical show space and warehouse in Vancouver. The dot was added to suggest a physical spot on a map, indicating our location. 

The modGSI Concept

The name modGSI is an acronym, and what it stands for is ‘Millions of Designs – Get Some Inspiration.’ The full name embodies our business concept – we want to bring together a whole bunch of products, more of them all the time, in all kinds of combinations, then throw all these designs at you and see what sticks. We don’t know what will inspire you. Maybe you don’t even know what will inspire you. But we’re going to help you find out.

About modGSI Home Furniture

The modGSI Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be an influencer in our community. We grow by enriching our business experience. We succeed by growing ourselves and growing others.

  • We strive to grow and improve continuously in providing inspirations, product selection and quality, customer service and shopping experience.
  • We strive to continuously share and provide opportunities for employees to learn, seek new experiences and enrich life.

For you our community, we stay continually involved through functions like charitable giving. In 2013, for example, we donated ten thousand toothbrushes to a local Christian church, which transported them to less fortunate families in third world countries. A toothbrush seems like a small thing, but think about its impact on health. 
Tooth Brush Donation

If you know any non-profit organization, or are planning a charitable event that you believe modGSI furniture could contribute to, please contact us at [email protected].

The modGSI Promise

  • We promise that if you have a question about any of our products or services, we will respond within 48 hours of receiving the inquiry.
  • We promise that when the price you see upon checkout is the price you pay – no hidden fees will be added.
  • We promise that we will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third party.
  • We promise that when you make an order with us, we will provide you with regular updates, in writing through email, as your order moves through each phase of processing and shipping.
  • We promise that if an item you order is back ordered or discontinued, we will notify you immediately and provide you with alternate options.
  • We promise to provide full and accurate information about the dimensions, construction and features of every product we sell. If you encounter any discrepancy in these areas, we promise to find a solution that is agreeable to you.
  • We promise that if you receive an item that is defective, damaged, or missing parts, your claim will be processed within 48 hours of being received by our support team.

About Our Founder

Eric Yang, founder and CEO of modGSI.com - a young immigrant who was excited to come to Vancouver in 1994, but never thought about having his own business in Vancouver. 

One rainy day, he passed by a Salvation Army. Staring at the window display, he started asking himself. "How can I turn everyone's unwanted (but good quality) stuff into money? Surely most people would be reluctant to just donate all the valuables?" The answer was consignment. With all the eagerness, zeal, and ambition a 24-year-old guy could provide, he started his own business in Vancouver by selling pre-owned furniture, home decor, bikes, bags, clothes, anything you can find in a home - all under one roof. The supply was great, as there's always unwanted stuff in everyone's home. The demand was even greater, as it's always an adventure for a lot of people to go treasure hunting. And there's always something new, everyday. Ironically, the demand was so huge that it led to the end of the consignment business - it was time consuming, required a lot of physical showspace, and the supply was unstable - there was simply not enough goods to support the demand and the physical store. A narrower focus was needed, and furniture was chosen because it's a basic need that everyone shares. While keeping busy with the store's daily operations, modGSI.com was already underway. It is an online furniture retailer created to solve the above problems.