modGSI Staff Pick | Multi-functional Sofa Bed

Posted by Kathrinn Galindez on 3/21/2017 to modGSI Tips
modGSI Staff Pick | Multi-functional Sofa Bed
modGSI Team wants to share one of their staff's reviews about her favourite furniture in the store, which is our sofa bed! Sharing our staff's thoughts and ideas is important to us, a way for us to help you as well whether you're looking for a specific furniture you need or you love. Below she explains why sofa bed is her favourite and why this awesome piece is so important to share to others!

Why choose sofa bed?
Just simply reading the name, it is obviously a multi-functional furniture that can be used as sofa or bed. If you are deciding whether you'll buy sofa or bed for your living space or guest room, well, you can choose both with this 2-in-1 piece! This furniture piece is ideal for condo or any apartment that needs flexibility in space. And if you love to entertain friends and family, this will be perfect for a movie marathon and it also adds additional seating for your big parties. It only takes "click clack" away to turn a sofa into bed which is a very easy mechanism that even little girl can do. This also saves you money instead of spending so much for two different furniture piece and waste so much space in your home. 

What makes me love this sofa bed is not just because its flexibility and function, but also its style! You can buy different kinds of sofa bed in your preferred size and style that would best fit to your your personality. An awesome piece that will give any person a "WOW" factor, which was my first reaction. Click here for different styles of sofa bed and see few recommendations below...


There are different sectional sofa that can transform into bed as well, reason why nowadays, this awesome piece is in trend especially for home owners that have small space. Simple, modern and functional sofa or any type of furniture is what most people looking for right now. Let's face it, we all want to buy something that's worth our money, and this sectional sofa bed is definitely worth buying! You can even place this to any compact bedroom or office where you can pull out anytime you need a place to rest after long day of work. Surely, you can never go wrong with a sofa bed that has everything! And also helps you minimize your furniture shopping list.