Warranty Policy

Warranty & Parts Issues

All product concerns and parts issues will be dealt with as warranty issues. Depending on the manufacturers, you may be required to deal with the manufacturers directly regarding warranty issues, products and parts concerns.

All spare parts & hardware are only available at the manufacturers. If you encounter any problems with parts and hardware, please contact us by phone or email before coming to the store as we do not have any spare parts and hardware onsite.

Not all furniture manufacturers offer a written or timed warranty, but modGSI would like you to be satisfied with your purchase. Warranty may vary based on different suppliers, and warranty information, if warranty is offered, can be found under individual product detail. If problems do occur, please do not hesitate to contact us. In case of items that cannot be repaired, you will be offered an exact replacement at no extra charge. A re-selection will be offered if no replacement is available.

Due to variations in photography, monitors, and lighting, modGSI cannot guarantee that the finish of the order will be exactly as pictured.

Please note, with natural products such as wood or leather, some imperfections should be expected and shall in no way be considered a defect. Sales are not made on an approval basis and are considered final.

Warranty for commercial use

Furniture at modGSI are designed and specified for home use only. Therefore, we are unable to provide warranty for commercial use.

Damaged Items and Parts Shortage Claims

While we will do everything we can to ensure your furniture arrives safely and promptly, unfortunately damage can happen. We are very concerned that you receive the quality product you paid for and therefore will do what we can to make sure you are happy with your purchase and experience with modGSI.

Please note, furniture is fragile and can be damaged during the manufacturing process as well as transit. Having a few damaged or defective parts does not jeopardize the struction or safety of the products as long as the parts are replaced. If you discover damage or defect in some parts, simply contact the manufacturer or modGSI to arrange replacement parts. There is no need to have the entire product replaced. All products meet or exceed domestic and international regulatory standards for safety and performance.

Keep in mind that the packaging is there for protection, and just because the boxes are damaged does not mean the furniture inside is damaged. As such, we ask that you accept ALL boxes and note the damage on the delivery receipt, being as detailed and descriptive as possible. You do not need to open the boxes at this time, as the driver may not have time to wait. Upon opening the boxes, if any damage is discovered please keep the shipping carton and inner packaging.

Please inform us of any damage or defect to the contents within seven (7) business days. Customers will be asked to photograph the damage or defects, and e-mail the pictures to the [email protected] Please understand that you do have a limited time frame that you can claim for damage with the freight company or manufacturer, so if these are not promptly and fully noted and reported, they may not be able to cover your replacements free of charge.

For customers who live in major cities of Metro Vancouver, BC, if you have any concerns about the product, and would like us to inspect or repair the item on site, you will be required to pay the in-room delivery fee as a deposit. If the product is deemed to have manufacturing defects or damage, the deposit will be refunded to you ; otherwise, the deposit will be treated as the on-site service charge.

Upon receiving the information of the defects/damage,modGSI will send your information to the manufacturer. Then the manufacturer will proceed with an investigation. If the defects/damage are deemed to be manufacturing issues, replacement parts will usually be provided free of charge. If defects/damage are deemed to be a result of misuse, abuse, exposures to extremes in temperature/humidity, neglect, and/or unauthorized repair, claims will be rejected. In some cases, replacement parts may be ordered at your own expense.

When requesting for parts, please refer to the instruction manual, and specify the parts number to avoid delays and receiving the wrong parts.

We reserve the right to discount and/or replace any item(s) in question on a case by case scenario. Many defects and damage are very minor in nature and can be easily fixed by a professional furniture medic using the same quality control solutions inducted at the factory. In such cases, discounts may be issued for you to arrange the repairs at your own discretion. If the defect or damage cannot be fixed, replacement parts (NOT the entire item) will be issued as necessary by the manufacturer. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not contact us within seven days of delivery, your claim may become increasingly more difficult to resolve, as shipping companies and manufacturers have their own time restrictions on claims, which vary. Any returns, repairs, or replacements after this time may be at the buyer's expense.

Note for items that are picked up by customers: it will be your responsibilities to bring the defective goods to the store or the manufacturer's warehouse for parts exchange. Do NOT bring back the entire item to the store, as only the defective parts will be replaced. Please call or email us prior to your visit to ensure that the replacement parts are available.


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